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LATEST NEWS: The 4th batch of uWatch's are SOLD OUT.
I have NO plans to produce any more kits, sorry.
I am now working on MK2 version, ETA completely unknown.

If you want to be informed about any potential future batches or the new Mk2 uWatch, join the email list HERE
(you won't be spammed, only informed once when the next batch is available)

A full kit of parts to build your own uWatch is available for US$99 + postage and optional watch band. You do not have to order the watch band if you want to use your own, or use it as a pocket calc etc.

You are NOT buying the built-up watch, you are buying a kit you assemble yourself! The kits looks like this:

The PCB comes fully pre-assembled and tested, and pre-programmed with the latest open source firmware (1.6.0 as of writing).
The LCD also comes pre-painted.
Batteries and watch band pins are included.

You will need to supply the following to finish the kit:

NOTE: The kit does NOT come with instructions, the assembly instructions are on this website. Assembly is not hard (in my opinion), but is fairly tedious and takes some time. If you are not confident in assembly of small precision parts then this kit is NOT for you! Further information and hints/tips are available in the user forum.
Check out the USER MANUAL for operational details.
As I no longer maintain the source code (it is open source), I cannot guarantee there are not any bugs etc. I simply program the watch with the latest available open source firmware. Bugs are listed in the user forum.

Each watch PCB and LCD is fully tested prior to shipment.

Secure credit card and bank transfer payments are accepted using the PayPal buttons below. You do NOT need to sign up for PayPal to use this service.

Use the buttons to add items to your cart, you can then pay securely by credit card.

Make sure you ADD POSTAGE for your country!

Postage to AUSTRALIA ONLY is FREE, so don't add any postage option to the cart if you are from Australia.

PayPal is now tracking how much stock I have, so if you try and check-out and it tells you there is NO STOCK, I'm afraid they have all sold out! You are not able to place an order for sold out items.

Postage takes on average around 10 days to the USA and Europe.

US$99 uWatch Kit (no watch band)
US$9 Normal Black Leather 22mm watch band (at cost) (up to approx 200mm wrist circumference)  (LIMITED STOCK)
US$9 Long Black Leather 22mm watch band (at cost) (LIMITED STOCK)
US$7 POSTAGE to USA, Canada, and Asia.
US$9 POSTAGE to Europe.

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